We invite the Platynereis community to submit abstracts for the Platynereis Satellite Meeting that will take place on June 24-25th, right before the EuroEvoDevo2024 Meeting in Finland (June 25-28th). Attendees need to register for the main meeting, and select Platynereis Satellite meeting while registering.


Analysis of the Platynereis genome
This session is about anything relevant to the genome: Interesting aspects of the analysis, comparative genomics, annotation strategy, etc.

Invited speakers
Oleg Simakov (University of Vienna)
Kevin Nzumbi Mutemi (EMBL)
David Ferrier (University of St Andrews)
Chema Martin-Duran (Queen Mary University of London)

Advances in building Platynereis resources
This session is about recent advances in all resources in Platynereis including but not limited to: volume EM, cell lineage or axon tracing, multiomics including single cell RNAseq and genomics, live-imaging, clearing and imaging of fixed worms, new molecular techniques, improvements in Platynereis culturing.

Invited speakers
Christian Tischer (EMBL)
Netsanet Getachew (Max Perutz Labs Vienna)
Gáspár Jékely (COS Heidelberg)
Lauren Saunders (COS Heidelberg)
Nikolaos Papadopoulos (University of Vienna)

Platynereis nervous system and sensory biology
In this session we will focus on nervous system signaling in Platynereis, and how the nervous system integrates information from the environment to regulate worm behaviour and physiology. Neuronal atlases and functional studies at different stages of development help us to appreciate how the nervous system grows and changes throughout the Platynereis life cycle, inform nervous system evolution and allow us to build a picture of the sensory umwelt of Platynereis.

Invited speakers
Nadja Milivojev (Max Perutz Labs Vienna)
Gáspár Jékely (COS Heidelberg)
Victoria Witte (EMBL)
Luis Alberto Bezares-Calderon (University of Exeter)
Detlev Arendt (EMBL)

Platynereis development, organogenesis, and regeneration
This session invites contributions about development, posterior growth, segmentation, and regeneration incl. stem cells. Research topics encompass molecular and cellular mechanisms leading to the formation or regeneration of a tissue, a cell type or an organ as well as quantification and modeling of these processes.

Invited speakers
Florian Raible (Max Perutz Labs Vienna)
Guillaume Balavoine (Institut Jacques Monod)
Rannyele Passos Ribeiro (Washington University in St. Louis)
Stephan Q Schneider (Academia Sinica)

Platynereis ecology and behavior
This session´s speakers will present a broad range of recent advancement in animal Ecology and Behavior that uses Platynereis dumerilii as a model system, ranging from Chemical Ecology to Chronobiology, and from Neuroendocrinology to Population Genetics. This session also invites possible contributions to the TREC (Traversing European coastline) expedition that takes place in 2023/24.

Invited speakers
Jorg Hardege (Hull University)
Joachim Langeneck (CoNISMa)
Sören Häfker (Alfred Wegener Institute)
Leslie Pan (EMBL)

Polychaete diversity
This session aims to highlight the evolutionary diversity of polychaetes and introduce new polychaete species that are also currently being established as research models to the Platynereis community. This will extend our understanding of annelid phylogeny and help us to place Platynereis morphology, ecology and development within a broader evolutionary context.

Invited speakers
Ragnhild Jacobsen (Kavli Institute)
Katrine Worsaae (University of Copenhagen)
Conrad Helm (Georg-August-University Göttingen)

Registration and abstract submission

Registration for the main EURO-EVO-DEVO meeting is mandatory to participate in the Platynereis Satellite meeting. Register for the main meeting and to the Satellite meeting HERE.

Apart from the invited talks, we will select short talks. If you wish to give a short talk at the Platynereis Satellite meeting, please click HERE to submit an abstract (2-sentence abstract). You do not need to register here, if you wish to attend the Platynereis Satellite meeting, but not give a talk. In this case you just indicate in the main meeting registration that you want to attend the Platynereis Satellite meeting.

Registration fee to the Platynereis Satellite meeting: 50€
The registration fee covers coffee breaks and lunch during the Satellite meeting.

Abstract submission deadline: 15.02.2024

For questions, please contact Gabriele Andreatta: gabriele.andreatta@univie.ac.at

Organizing committee
Detlev Arendt
B. Duygu Özpolat
Elizabeth Williams
Gabriele Andreatta
Mette Handberg-Thorsager