• Culture
    Platynereis dumerilii has been cultured in the lab since the 1950s. The culturing protocol guarantees stable culture conditions, which produce several hundreds of larvae every day. Recent adaptations aiming for standardized and comparable conditions between lab cultures.

  • Imaging
    Several image databases provide access to light microscopy and electron microscopy data sets, and life imaging recordings. The community is actively working to establish a community wide, searchable database for light microscopy data.

  • Genome/ transcriptome
    Overview of different databases, which access stage dependent transcriptomes and the genome.

  • Mutant strains
    The Platynereis community has a collection of different mutant strains, which are hosted by individual labs. For additional information, please contact the host lab.

  • Inbred lines
    Multiple inbred lines are hosted by individual labs.

  • Techniques
    Applied methods, which addresses questions about “Lifecycle and Ecology”, “Behavior”, “Imaging”, “Sequencing and DNA/ RNA editing” and “Biochemistry”.

  • Community
    Challenges in Platynereis research are addressed by several working groups.

  • Links