The standard culturing protocol was developed by Carl Hauenschild1 and later adapted by Albrecht Fischer and Adriaan Dorresteijn (Fischer et al. 2004).

Over the years, the protocol has been adaptad to meet the needs of each lab. For example, Kuehn et al. 2019 set up a scaleable and movable culturing system with standardized feeding conditions.

A summary of the latest improvements and currently used cultering methods can be found in our recent Platynereis review article (Özpolat et al. 2021).

  1. Hauenschild C. 1951. Nachweis der sogenannten atoken Geschlechts-form des Polychaeten Platynereis dumerilii Aud. et M. Edw. als eigene Art auf Grund von Zuchtversuchen. Zool Jb Allg Zool Physiol 63:107-128.