Database Description Stage(s)1
Platybrowser Gene expression of >200 genes mapped onto a cellular EM volume (Vergara et al 2020). 6 dpf
CATMAID-Jékely-lab Whole animal connectome, with 90 non-neuronal and 180 neuronal cell-types and their synaptic connections (Verasztó et al. 2020). 3 dpf
4d micromere Single cell resolution long-term imaging of the 4d micromere (Özpolat et al. 2017). 8-37.5 hpf
ProSPr48 Gene expression atlas of >150 genes (Achim et al. 2018). 48 hpf

  1. hpf (hours post fertilisation), dpf (days post ferilisation), mpf (months post fertilisation), mPre (months post fertilisation, pre-cephalic metamorphosis), mPost (months post fertilisation, post-cephalic metamorphosis)